Simple and chic backless bridesmaids gown with cowl back and cap sleeves; sophisticated simplicity at it’s best.
The ‘Rebecca’ gown features a slightly scooping boat neck on the front, and a deep open back with an integrated cowl. The sleeves are gathered cap sleeves. The shape overall is a slim sheath shape, with a simplicity that highlights a woman’s shape and beauty. Perfect for a modern bride.
The gown is fully lined so it is soft and comfortable on the inside. The lining is a non-stretch matte poly cotton. The closure is a concealed side zipper. This dress will be made without built in bust support unless otherwise specified in a custom-made dress only.
Our chiffon is a beautiful high-quality blended fabric – light, flowing and diaphanous, and slightly sheer. It comes in beautiful colors, which become richer and more saturated as it is lined, layered or gathered. One layer will be lighter in color than multiple layers, so it’s important to see it in person to get the true feel for the color as it will be presented in your piece.
This gown can be made in any color chiffon fabric from the charts above. We strongly recommend ordering swatches first to see the fabric texture and color in person before ordering your dress, as the true color of fabrics can be difficult to capture in photos. You can order swatches here:
If you choose a standard sized dress, it will take us approximately 4 weeks to make this for you. If you choose the custom-made route, it will take us approximately 8 weeks to make, though this will vary according to the level of complexity involved. We recommend ordering at least 4 months in advance for safety. We also have rush order processing available (see the listing here:
). This rush order listing can be purchased as an add-on if a rush order is required, but please do contact us to confirm we will be able to produce and ship the item for your required date. The rush order needs to be added within 12 hours of the dress order to be effective.
Please consult the size chart in the listing photo above. Our size chart has letters instead of numbered sizes. This is because you should not order your ‘regular’ size; we really want to get the perfect fit on you, and that differs across different brands and styles. A quick measurement of your body will ensure a much better fit than simply ordering a size you assume will fit.
Some alterations may be necessary to get the perfect fit on your body. If your measurements differ greatly from the size chart, we recommend getting a custom dress using your specific measurements.
A custom-made piece will be made to your specified measurements. You should choose this option if you need a longer or shorter length, different proportions or sleeve length/cowl depth. If you want other customisations like a train or adding pockets, you can add the different listings to your shopping cart to check out together. The add-ons can be found in the ‘Services’ category of our store. Any add-ons should be submitted a maximum of 12 hours after your order, though preferably at the same time. If you wanted to do something different to the usual options, please contact us first to discuss your ideas.
We encourage you to follow our measurement instructions in the videos and stills (link below) to learn how to accurately take the measurements we need. If you submit incorrect measurements, we unfortunately cannot refund you if the skirt does not fit.
Please be aware you may still need a final fitting/minor alterations after you receive the dress. It’s normal to have multiple fittings on a bespoke piece, but as we cannot make the final tweaks on your body, these will have to be done by your local tailor. We cannot do alterations for you as they need to be done in-person.
Measurement Instruction Videos and Stills:
The option of built in boning and/or bust cups is available, but we generally advise against them unless absolutely necessary. Generally you will be able to get better results with other support types, such as low back/front bras, or stick on bras, and you will at least be able to try these first and omit them if they don’t work. If you do decide to go for bust cups, be aware that it is not possible to get as wide a range of sizes as with bras, so if you have a large bust cup size in bras, the built in bust cups we would use may be smaller. You can however specify if you would like thick cups (padded) or thin cups for light shaping and support. The boning is a strip of wire that runs vertically along the bust along the midline and sides. We shape it to the curve of the bust at the level you have specified for bust height. This is quite sturdy for shaping, but some may find it too stiff. Generally it is not comfortable to wear your own bra inside a dress/top that has boning built in, so one or the other is best.
Required Measurements:
If you plan to wear a bra with your dress, please wear this bra when taking your measurement. If you will be going without a bra, or opting for built in boning and bust cups, then please wear an unpadded lightly supportive bra only when taking your measurements. You will wrap the tape around your bust and around your back at the level of the widest part of your bust. This is usually around nipple level. If the top is exposed or open, you will want to make the bust measurement a little smaller, to ensure you’re held in place correctly, and the top is not gaping.
For most dresses and tops, this will be your natural waist (the narrowest point of your midriff). However, if you want a more empire waist style, you can specify exactly where you want the waistline of your dress to sit. For skirts, the ‘waist’ measurement will be top of the skirt, so this can be high, mid or low. Please remember that all other measurements that reference ‘waist’ will refer to this point- either the natural waist or whatever you have chosen. Simply wrap the tape around your body at this point- the natural waist or the waist level of your choosing. If you want a fitted style, make this a tight measurement, but ensure you can still move and breathe, or you may not be able to close your zipper!
This is not necessarily your hip bones, but the widest part of your lower body. This may be your lower abdomen, your hips, your butt or your thighs. Simply wrap the tape around the widest part of your lower body.
Take this from the back. From the upper outer tip of one shoulder, run the tape across the top of the back in a straight line, to the upper outer tip of the other shoulder. This measurement should not take in any of the arm.
Shoulder to bust
From the level of the shoulder in the front, at about the mid clavicular line (directly above the nipple) run the tape straight down the bust to the level at which you took your bust measurement.
Shoulder to waist
From the level of the shoulder in the front, at about the mid clavicular line (directly above the nipple) run the tape straight down over the bust to the level at which you took your waist measurement. This should take in the full scope of the bust, to ensure we are allowing space in the area.
Waist to hips
From the level at which you took your waist measurement, in a straight line down your front, to the level at which you took your hip measurement.
Length: From waist level (measured above), please drop the tape to the desired hemline of the dress. If it is to be floor length, please wear your shoes, or add their height on to the measurement afterwards, Do not pull the tape tight. It should hang/flow freely.
Train: If you want a train, specify the additional length required. Eg. A 12” train will extend 12” further than the length of the dress. (Note: a train longer than 5″ will incur an extra charge. Please ask us for a quote if you intend to have a long train. )
Back neckline depth: From the base of the neck (at shoulder line), measure a straight line down to where the back depth should end.
Thank you!


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Soft White, Ivory, Cream, Beige, Peachy Cream, Cashmere, Champagne, Golden, Pale Blush, Ice Pink, Ballerina Pink, Dusty Rose, Coral, Lipstick, Fuschia, Radiant Orchid, Mint, Seafoam, Turquoise, Teal, Cloud, Dusty Blue, Cerulean, Regatta, Lilac, Amethyst, Mauve, Eggplant, Lavender, Cashmere Rose, Bodacious, Wine, Burgundy, Plum, Deep Red, Bright Red, Mustard, Vibrant Orange, Deep Orange, Rust, Sunshine, Spicy Mustard, Pea Soup, Olive, Sea Mist, Willow, Kale, Emerald, Pure White, Silver Grey, Deep Grey, Black, Greige, Fog, Haze, Lady Grey, Custom / other


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