99+ Simple Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length

Simple wedding hairstyles for every length (98)

If you’re searching for wedding hair ideas, you may have noticed there’s a particular look that has been prescribed to wedding hair. It’s always long, and requires a certain finesse with a curling iron (or at the very least, hair that responds well to said curling iron).

In recent years, the wedding industry has at least opened its doors to wedding braids (and thank the textured gods for that), but otherwise? It can seem like slim pickings. Which is weird, because there are basically as many kinds of wedding hair as there are people getting married. Looking for hairstyles? Wedding hairstyles for long hair? For short hair? It exists! In fact, we’ve done roundups of just curly hairstyles and black wedding hairstyles.

Get inspired by these 99+ Simple Wedding Hairstyles for Every Length! Let’s See now below.

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