88 Luxurious Glitter Wedding Theme Ideas

Luxurious glitter wedding theme ideas (35)

I am all about glitter, especially this time of year. With crazy amounts of awesome glitter, comes crazy amounts of awesome DIY glitter wedding ideas! It’s your special day, the spotlight is centered on you, so shine as much as you can! Your wedding day might be the only day you can get away with glitter soaked candies and shimmering table clothes, so why not go all out?

Take a look at our collection of 88 Luxurious Glitter Wedding Theme Ideas to guide you to adding a shiny touch to your glitter themed wedding day! It is wise to incorporate a few wedding theme ideas into your wedding without becoming overwhelmed by the abundance of ideas from which to choose from.

Prevent an overdose of sparkle by selecting a few areas in which to bring a little glitter and sequins into your wedding theme so as to create a sparkling wedding affair that will always be remembered!

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