85+ Stunning Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Ideas

58 Stunning Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses Ideas

Sleeved wedding dresses are most suitable if you are looking forward to a winter wedding. It helps in bringing more attention to the bodice, as well as provides a balance to the skirt. The length of the sleeve depends on how much skin the bride is willing to show. Long sleeved dress is generally selected by brides who want be modest on their wedding day.

This dress is an international style that is soft and sweetened by the silhouette of ethnic interest and sequin detail to be a new alternative for brides who want a modern ethnic look, elegant, and luxurious.

Long sleeved dresses have been an option in bridal stores all over the world. Besides keeping you warm for winter weddings, the right sleeves can also serve as a fashion statement, as a decorative feature, or as a balancing tool to keep the rest of your wedding dress in proportion. The key to looking good in a sleeved dress is to consider the silhouette of the sleeves themselves and how they would enhance the shape and design of the dress itself.

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