82 Cushion Cut Vintage Engagement Ring

Cushion cut vintage engagement ring (78)

Have you set your heart on a vintage engagement ring?
Picking the ring you’ll wear to say “I do” is no easy task, but while you’re busy eyeing emerald or cushion cuts, there’s another style you may want to consider: an antique. It may be a family heirloom, or perhaps a piece that caught your eye while hunting for your dream ring; either way, there’s something extraspecial about a band that has a long, romantic history. Plus, vintage rings don’t just look unique, they are often crafted by hand – how’s that for special?

These days an estimated one in three women will pick out their own engagement ring. While there’s obviously something incredibly romantic about your boyfriend dropping on one knee with a ring he’s picked out himself, an increasing number of women opt to shop around (you will ideally be wearing it for the rest of your life, after all).

If you’ve decided to go old school with a vintage engagement ring, the wide range of eras and styles means there’s even more reason to hunt for it yourself – or drop some very specific hints.
Need a little help narrowing down your search for a vintage engagement ring?
Let’s look to history and imagination to suggest some engagement ring options for the vintage, discerning bride:

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