79 Amazing Drink Station For Wedding Reception

18 Amazing Drink Station For Wedding Reception

A garden wedding or a day-after brunch, drink stations are a lovely way to really get creative and interactive with your decor. How can you organize them? If it’s a backyard wedding, you can put a pallet drink station – just place many pallets on each other to get a table of the size and height you want and then your drinks. Need an easier idea? Put two wine barrels and a top on them, and then your drinks, voila! If it’s a lake wedding, place a large boat filled with ice and bottles inside it.

Couples are getting creative when it comes to styling what their guests are sippin’ on. Beverage bars offer a friendly way to display your drink options while adding to the decor and encouraging interaction amongst guests. Garnish your displays with beautiful signage, whimsical straws, and antique dispensers and pitchers and you have a recipe for success. Need inspiration? We’ve provided five flavors of beverage bars that are guaranteed to go down smooth.

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