74 Gorgeous Groom and Groomsmen Wedding Photos You Can’t Miss

Gorgeous groom and groomsmen wedding photos you can't miss (64)

Must Do Poses for Photos of the Groom and Groomsmen, have your groom and his closest friends strike a fun pose with inspiration from these snapshots!

When it comes to weddings, preparation is everything – you’ve spent months, maybe even years, designing your nuptials to reflect your personal style. You likely have a breakdown of exactly what happens when, who goes where, etc. However, there are always small details that engaged couples may not consider addressing: one such aspect being their professional wedding photos. By this, we don’t mean brides and grooms often forget to book a photographer, but rather that they don’t plan out where they want their photo shoot to occur or even what they envision themselves doing in each snapshot.

It’s vital to put together a rough “shot list” of certain areas and poses you, your beloved, and your bridal party would like to include. This is one of the more entertaining aspects of wedding coordination: flipping through fun ideas for an album full of exciting pictures. We know that from time to time, it might be more difficult for a groom to decide on what playful photos he’d like to take with his groomsmen, so to help, we’ve put together a gallery of great ideas taken from the grooms and groomsmen of some of our real weddings!

Click each photo for further inspiration from these events.

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