47 Unique Rustic Theme Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Unique rustic theme bridal shower favor ideas (16)

Planning an unforgettable bridal shower is no ordinary feat. There are a lot of moving parts in this celebration! We’re talking everything from guest lists and invitations to food and drinks, entertainment, and even items like favors, if you’re so inclined. It’s like planning your very own miniature wedding. Fortunately, coordinating the perfect bridal shower is made infinitely easier when you have one very important item picked out ahead of time: Your bridal shower theme.

Planning a wedding is a ton of work. Aside from the actual reception and ceremony, there’s the dress, the flowers, the cake, the bridesmaids… the list is so long it’s stressing us out. That’s where your bridesmaids come in. It’s their job to plan the bachelorette party and most importantly, the wedding shower. So to help your lovely ladies of honor out, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of bridal shower inspiration. From fancy tea parties to cozy camping trips, you’ll find the idea to match her every pre-wedding desire right here.

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With the right theme (ideally one the bride is head over heels for), all the other details will start to fall into place, whether that means finding the right décor ideas or picking the perfect bridal shower dessert to match. You can start with the essentials (the location, for one) or head straight to your favorite detail as long as your overall idea is all set and ready to go. Still searching for the right inspiration-or an especially dreamy bridal shower idea to spark your party planning? This gallery of bridal shower themes is the best place to begin. Whether the bride to be is always ready for brunch or has a long-standing preference for a particular party style.

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