44 Inexpensive and Unique Summer Themed Bridal Shower Ideas

Inexpensive and unique summer themed bridal shower ideas (77)

A bridal shower is a cherished event for the bride-to-be. In addition to being a celebration of the upcoming wedding, the bridal shower provides an opportunity for her to reconnect with the most important women in her life. If the bridal shower is going to take place during the summer, then there’s no better way to get the ball rolling than by giving your shower a festive, summer theme.

Plan a bright, cheery and memorable summer bridal shower for the bride-to-be to kick off the wedding festivities with a bang. Keep the preferences of the future “Mrs.” in mind and honor specific requests as much as possible (some surprises are always fun!). Check out some terrific ideas for summer bridal shower themes, venues, decorations, cakes and favors.

Summer bridal shower ideas include:
Venues: Select a summer bridal shower venue to compliment the summer season and the desires of the bride.
Decorations: Decorate the summer wedding shower with bright and vibrant colors that reflect the color scheme of the upcoming wedding.
Dessert: Serve summertime cupcakes to guests, instead of a cake.
Favors: Keep the summer theme consistent and hand out butterfly and dragonfly chocolate lollipops to guests for bridal shower favors.
Maintain the summer theme throughout the details of the event. Stick with the same colors for the decorations, cake and favors. Make the summer symbols (butterflies, dragonflies and flowers) stand out, and repeat the use in multiple items (favors, cupcakes and decorations).
Get inspired by more examples below!

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